Rhythmic Nutrition

We have been starved of our rhythmic nutrition for a long time. Some may say it’s been missing from our cultural diet since the advent of the drum machine. But other’s offer the history of the Dark Ages when anyone not adhering to church doctrine was eliminated, especially drummers. So we have been shamed and intimidated into not trusting our need for organic rhythm. It balances brain hemisphere activity, inner ear balance, blood sugar, blood pressure, endocrine and lymphatic systems are exercised. The heart feels safe when the groove is right. We need it for our health and wellbeing. So it’s no wonder that people are seeking out drumming groups. But the thing to watch out for is dysfunctional drumming. If it feels uncomfortable then it is probably the problem of the facilitator; don’t assume it is your failure. it should be inviting, not aggressive or elitist. Start your own.

excerpt: “History of the Groove” Russell Buddy Helm ©2015 buddy helm.com

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