Rhythmically reprogramming reality

We are rhythmically suggestible because our basic operating system is based on time. Everything we do is based on a clock; the universe or our own. Memory is a function of time. Our intellect depends on a predictable pulse of life to feel safe. Learned behavior is a repetition, a pulse, a groove. Rhythmic signatures can get dislocated in our memory and can become distractions that override our daily need to pay attention to our environment. Using the drum, we can relocate our history into a less debilitating groove. It is a mechanical rhythmic manipulation resulting in an intellectual insight. There are elements to consider before just drumming to feel better. You must be willing to let go; of the tempo firstly, then the beliefs that are connected to your need for speed. Lay it back and watch what your survival mind decides to get rid of; fear, anger, hate, sickness, tension, depression, the list goes on. This house cleaning is based on a safe tempo in a safe groove. Laying back the groove is the greatest challenge for really smart people. Their intellect is tenacious and will not let go of it’s outmoded beliefs and will go down in flames before surrendering it’s point of view. This is where the magic of the drum can persuade the all powerful, self focused intellect to relinquish it’s strangle hold on the rest of the system.

excerpt: “History of the Groove” Russell Buddy Helm ©2015 all rights reserved buddyhelm.com

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