Robin Williams as Captain Kirk

Twenty fifth anniversary of the original Star Trek happened in two huge soundstages at the old Fox lot on Pico. One soundstage had press, food and drinks from all over the universe, sets and interviews. Lots of cruisers with glasses of champagne. A Hollywood A list we had crashed. The second sound stage was the almost complete set of the original Star Trek; Teleporter room, hallways, of course the bridge. We congregated around the railing and watched who came in. Robin Williams cruised in and everybody on the bridge had the same flash. “Sit in the captain’s chair, Robin.” He knew it was too appropriate for him, at the height of his career to be the captain of the Starship Enterprise. Nobody said a thing as he seated himself, looked around at the consoles, and rattled off some orders for photon torpedoes. It was a moment. My mother got the photo of me standing with a beautiful yeoman  and cardboard cut out of Spock getting beamed up. No pics of Robin in the captain’s seat. That would have been a juicy shot. But the expectations were greater than what he was willing to fulfill for people. He played it under. Low key. Sort of like everyman, sitting in Captain Kirk’s chair.

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