Slowing the Mind with Rhythm

Slowing the mind using rhythm slows down the rapid, often inaccurate assumptions made by our overstressed survival mind. With the slowing groove, the true ā€œIā€ separates from the fear based intellect to witness arbitrary anxiety generated by our survival mind. We are free of it, for maybe a minute or two. But the survival mind then interrupts our rhythmic conversation with the universe to implement fear based rules. So settle back into the relaxed groove again and the survival mind will be soothed once again into letting go of control. The universe is still there waiting for us to drum.
This is an evolutionary step that only some will get. It is the step up and out of intellect. It is freeing ourselves from the restraints of our current survival minds that are making inaccurate judgements based on worse case scenarios that never happen. Its as if we have been held hostage by our intellect. But not really, that would be too existential for my taste. Rather I see it as coming out of a cocoon of consciousness that has protected us from the indefinable of the universe. Now we meet our maker and it is us.

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