Ultimate Affirmations Recovery Drumming

There have been great responses to the drumming affirmations all over the world. I love CD Baby because I can see where and what people want to hear for their own healing and enjoyment based on what tracks they stream and download from my ever expanding catalogue. “Ultimate Affirmations” is compiled from sessions with many friends and clients using unique hand drumming patterns to reprogram positive beliefs and attitudes. We have been doing the HelmTone Healing Drum Protocols for over twenty five years at our store, Seasons, in Santa Monica and across the U.S, Australia, Japan and Europe. I offer a training program for therapists who want to use the hand drum for healing. I have been a drummer since I was eight years old and am classically trained and have played with many great musicians, but specifically the wisdom from the Rhythm and Blues that I was lucky enough to have played in the Deep South back in the Sixties and Seventies is the foundation for these soulful healing grooves. They are survival grooves and they have proven to work for many generations and on many different kinds of people. I am on staff at an exclusive Palisades recovery organization where I drum with clients on a weekly schedule, learning from them what grooves and what spoken affirmations and releases work for their situations. There is no judging. We are all in this healing together. I began to teach the drumming meditations over twenty years ago and took it on the road to start drumming healing workshops around the country where there were no drumming groups at all. Now it is a worldwide phenomenon and I am glad to see that it has taken hold. Most of the drummers out there don’t know that I came through their town, often before they were born to introduce the concept of drumming as a healing tool. I don’t really expect to be called the Johnny Appleseed of the Downbeat, but that is what I feel like. It has been my life purpose since I left a very successful career in the movie business to come back to the drum as a healing took for myself and many others and our culture. I wrote “Let the Goddess Dance” published by Llewellyn in 1999, later renamed “Drumming the Spirit to LIfe” to introduce the concept of creating a safe space in our culture for women to dance safely in ecstatic trance. When I started this teaching there was no safe place for the trance dance to bless and heal our culture. Now it has taken hold and I feel that we are destined for a better future. I still tour, performing at festivals and energy healing centers creating drumming affirmations that fit the needs of the people I am meeting. I use the grooves of my life long love of playing music in the R n B styles. Rock n Roll, Blues, Jazz, Folk, Emo, experimental, performance art. The late great Tim Buckley was one of my last musical partnerships in the Seventies and I was spoiled working with such a genius. So now the Sacred music is coming through everyone who drums with us. My extensive experience as a drummer, producer, musician, arranger in the music, film and TV biz plus my interest in healing modalities has set the bar for drumming as therapy. The HelmTone Healing Drum Protocols was the first method available for people wanting to implement a psychological healing tool that was a self empowering process using gorgeous djembes from Ghana. I am very proud of this current CD, “Ultimate Affirmations”. it is a distillation of over twenty five years of actual drumming therapy research and is also a very fun, swinging, groove based method to drum and heal. I used my experience with the classic Rhythm and Blues grooves which are powerful eternal rhythm patterns that have always been a method of survival and inspiration. This will connect you to your soulful self and remind you that life is for loving and living and dancing and singing. Share the Groove!

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