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“I am a Helmtone Certified Drum Therapist, practicing Helmtone drum protocols through weekly small group meetings in Long Island, New York. I was not always a hand drummer. That is, I began drumming after I retired from a 30 year career as a Licensed Master Social Worker in New York City. I began by taking West African and Latin drum classes and playing in circles across Long Island. But when I found Buddy Helms’ books, “Way of the Drum” and “Let the Goddess Dance,” I began to really learn to play. These books have become a foundation for me to be set free from the pressure of keeping up with the rigorous, yet beautiful, Latin and African beats. In circles where these beats are played, it is often that people play fast and want to be heard without truly listening to one another. I love world beat music- don’t get me wrong- but now, I have a firm foundation of where and how to put my own flavor into the mix without having to be repetitive and rigid in my playing.
Buddy’s technique for hand drumming is amazing, as he sets his music to a combination of world beat and American styles. As a new drummer, it was very easy for me to follow along with the included CD’s. I found myself engaged and playing the entire CDs. The more you play along, the more you hear the intricacies he has built into the songs- it’s genius. I became a much stronger player and therefore had much more confidence.
I began to play in more groups, and I was invited to play at local events with other musicians. It was then that I reached out to Buddy for lessons online.
The lessons have proven to be invaluable in my growth as a musician, and in my personal growth as well. I learned the Helmtone protocols directly from Buddy and the lessons have also been my own therapy. This is the therapy I had been seeking out as a Social Worker all those years. Helmtone Drum Therapy is powerful because it uses a combination of verbal expression and healing drum rhythms. It is fun and easy to do, and my group members tell me it is a valuable tool for them as well. I am honored to call myself a student of Russell Buddy Helm, and grateful to have learned his Helmtone Protocols.”
Louise Isgro-Ibrahim, LMSW
Helmtone Certified Drum Therapist

We will have a Helmtone Certification program for May. Please contact me at: buddyhelm.gmail.com, or buddy@buddyhelm.com. Facebook is active: Russell Buddy Helm.

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