Upcoming Healing Drum workshops in Australia for February

Hello G…..

S…. passed your email to me. I have been drumming at S…..’s school in the last 3 years, I am also a qualified holistic counsellor. I have been interested in incorporating drumming into healing therapy and was asking Simon for some information and training.

I am interested in participating in your workshops with Russel Buddy Helm in Feb, 2012. Would you be able to let me know what will be taught in the workshop, and what level of drumming skill is required to be benefitted from his teaching. Thanks.
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Hello B…,
Our upcoming workshop in Australia is perfect for you. The drumming is based on the “Downbeat”- the low tone in the middle of the drumhead. It is the anchoring, beginning note of all the patterns. It is our healing source and our psychological grounding tool. You do not need to have any advanced experience in drumming. But you will surprise yourself by playing far beyond what you thought yourself capable of.The drumming patterns we use are the basic common building blocks of rhythm for all styles of drumming. You will understand how these patterns are used to make much more sophisticated patterns in African, Afro Cuban, Brazilian, Far Eastern, Mediterranean, Celtic, Jazz, Rock n roll, Rhythm n Blues and folk music as well as the HelmTone Healing Drum Protocols. Your counseling experience will benefit greatly from over twenty years of research about how rhythm heals the psyche. You will learn how to rhythmically reprogram trauma, fear, self esteem, anger, and other conditions. You will also learn about mirrored hand activity as a tool for brain hemisphere balancing. We can rhythmically create the world that we want. These are rhythmic tools that you and your clients can easily use on your own. You will also have a great time, drum to move the body in joyous healing ways and gain confidence. There is no pressure, no competition and no aggression. I look forward to sharing the groove with you!
Thank-you for your interest.
Russell Buddy Helm

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