You Tube Buddy Helm videos channel

There are about 112 videos I have posted over the last few yearsSome of them are interesting. Some of them are performance art, some are meditations, some are goofy. I love communicating with the drum and music with people and with Spirit. It is a great gift I have been given to share. Thank-you.

Here is a vid I just discovered on Youtube that somebody posted; a sound clip of the tour I did with Tim Buckley at Knebworth Festival in England back before yawll were born.  1974. It’s smokin!

I’m one lucky drummer to have played with such a great singer.

Also here is another piece of history recorded with Mike Bloomfield at McCabes Guitar shop In Santa Monica, CA around 1977.

Also we can’t forget Bethlehem Asylum. The best band but the weirdest Karma.

The three survivors did this at Skipper’s in Tampa, Fl 2005

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