Full Moon dolphin drumming sailboat cruise

Hello Everyone,
We are going out this Sunday July 23 on a full  moon sailboat cruise with drumming for the dolphins on St. Pete beach. We are gathering at Dolphin Landings behind Dolphin Plaza (Southern end of St. Pete Beach just north of Don Cezar on the inland waterway side) around 6 pm and will return about 9pm. Charge is $75. Repeats are  discounted 15%.  We will have drums. It is an exciting and inspirational cruise.
Attached is a flier for the event. You can sign up ahead of time online at http://www.buddyhelm.com/full-moon-dolphin-watch-drumming-sailboat-cruise  or DolphinLandings.com.
The phone number for the sailboat office is 727-360-7411.
My cel is 310-650-9438
See you Sunday!
Russell Buddy Helmdolphinlandings june

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2 Responses to Full Moon dolphin drumming sailboat cruise

  1. Christine Dowell says:

    I was lucky enough to be introduced to drum circle of yours in Palm Harbor at a Metaphysical book store, I think it was called Oak Trail books, maybe 4-5 yrs ago.
    I was always sorry I missed the full moon boat drumming.

    No drumming circle has seemed significant as that one.

    I only see 2013 dates on this page
    If you have an itinerary or mailing list may I be added to it.

    Are you ever back in Florida???? Christine Dowell teacakechris2@msn.com

  2. admin says:

    June full moon hopefully.

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