January 2019
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Full Moon dolphin drumming sailboat cruise

Hello Everyone, We are going out this Sunday July 23 on a fullĀ  moon sailboat cruise with drumming for the dolphins on St. Pete beach. We are gathering at Dolphin Landings behind Dolphin Plaza (Southern end of St. Pete Beach just north of Don Cezar on the inland waterway side) around 6 pm and will […]

Three women drumming on Full Moon for dolphins

This was on board the Magic, a 52 foot Morgan Yacht off St. Pete Beach, Florida May 23, 2013. We were on a full moon dolphin drumming cruise.

Next cruise is June 23 on Sunday. Go to the sign up page and get a space reserved now!



Drumming for Dolphins

We have been sailing a 42′ Morgan ketch rigged yacht operated by Dolphin Landings on St. Pete Beach on the gulf coast of Florida. The dolphins come in to us before sunset about 6pm then stay with us as we cruise out into the gulf from Boca Ciega Bay. We watch the sunset on open […]

Dolphin Drumming full moon sailboat St. Pete Florida

This is on You Tube. Some folks were curious. Did this for a whole year every full moon! We found the grooves that the dolphins like to dance to! Magic of the first order.


Wedding drumming fullmoon sailboat dolphin cruise

I had a wonderful Sunday on the Gulf in St. Pete marrying Ralph and Linda, a sweet couple. They wrote their own ceremony ( I added a few things as the minister) then we drummed and the dolphins CAME around the boat! They stayed for a long time, I even heard them singing as we […]