January 2019
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When Sly and the Family Stone played Miami, Bethlehem Asylum opened for them.

Sly was the most exciting live band I have ever seen; a mix of pumping psychedelic gospel and hot Rhythm n Blues soul revue, a holy communion of high energy grooves that changed the world. Their whole setup was sparkling, shiny; white shag carpet on the stage, white leslie organ speakers, white drums. Sly dressed […]

The First Time I Met Eric Hord

The First Time I Met Eric Hord

Mama Cass huddled on a chaise lounge with my lead singer. They had been like this for three days. Talking art? Poetry, love, life.  Singer/songwriter meets Mama Cass the great patron. It was decided. We would come to LA.  We were only sixteen years old. Our lead singer […]

The Last time I saw Eric Hord

The last time I saw Eric Hord, the guitar player for the Mama’s and Papa’s, he was hitch hiking up Laurel Canyon Boulevard just above Sunset Strip. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was returning from my first national tour with Tim Buckley. I was riding back to where ever i was going to […]

Three women drumming on Full Moon for dolphins

This was on board the Magic, a 52 foot Morgan Yacht off St. Pete Beach, Florida May 23, 2013. We were on a full moon dolphin drumming cruise.

Next cruise is June 23 on Sunday. Go to the sign up page and get a space reserved now!



Drumming for Dolphins

We have been sailing a 42′ Morgan ketch rigged yacht operated by Dolphin Landings on St. Pete Beach on the gulf coast of Florida. The dolphins come in to us before sunset about 6pm then stay with us as we cruise out into the gulf from Boca Ciega Bay. We watch the sunset on open […]

tea house in Nagoya Forest

This tea house is a few hundred years old. The tea was very good. We were surrounded by old huge Bamboo groves.

We drummed in the Mishima house. It was an honor.


Nagoya hosts

Many thanks to Dr. Steven Bellamy and Chisato Mishima for hosting me in Japan.

This is a cel phone photo of their 400 hundred year old garden where we drummed.

Back from Nagoya

This was taken at the Nagoya national forest. I didn’t even care that I had broken a bone in my foot. It was so beautiful.

This is the surprise breakfast that was actually pretty good. Also healthy. Samurai breakfast.


Broken foot drumming in Nagoya, Japan with Chisato

I was confined to my bed, but it was still a great way to drum.


live from Japan

PRETTY AMAZING. I am in Nagoya, Japan teaching drumming meditation. My star student is Shisato Mishima. She was Miss Japan Fitness and is a great drummer. She will be doing the Helmtone drumming meditation workshops in Japan. Unfortunately, I broke a bone in my foot just before I let from LA last week, thinking it […]