January 2019
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tea house in Nagoya Forest

This tea house is a few hundred years old. The tea was very good. We were surrounded by old huge Bamboo groves.

We drummed in the Mishima house. It was an honor.


Nagoya hosts

Many thanks to Dr. Steven Bellamy and Chisato Mishima for hosting me in Japan.

This is a cel phone photo of their 400 hundred year old garden where we drummed.

Back from Nagoya

This was taken at the Nagoya national forest. I didn’t even care that I had broken a bone in my foot. It was so beautiful.

This is the surprise breakfast that was actually pretty good. Also healthy. Samurai breakfast.


Prayer for the Gulf of Mexico

I saw the heartbreaking news about the death and destruction in the Gulf of Mexico. So our new drumming group in Nagoya, Japan started by Chisato Mishima and Steven Bellamy have created a wonderful drum prayer for my home waters.


Broken foot drumming in Nagoya, Japan with Chisato

I was confined to my bed, but it was still a great way to drum.


live from Japan

PRETTY AMAZING. I am in Nagoya, Japan teaching drumming meditation. My star student is Shisato Mishima. She was Miss Japan Fitness and is a great drummer. She will be doing the Helmtone drumming meditation workshops in Japan. Unfortunately, I broke a bone in my foot just before I let from LA last week, thinking it […]

Drumming in Nagoya, Japan!

I am having an incredibly wonderful time in Nagoya, Japan. We have been drumming and streaming live on Justin.tv/buddyhelm drumming, also on skype, and we also were picked up by Japanese National TV. I have drummed with the sweetest people. Dr. STeven BEllamy and his wife Chisato are consumate hosts and have arranged an astounding […]