live from Japan

PRETTY AMAZING. I am in Nagoya, Japan teaching drumming meditation. My star student is Shisato Mishima. She was Miss Japan Fitness and is a great drummer. She will be doing the Helmtone drumming meditation workshops in Japan. Unfortunately, I broke a bone in my foot just before I let from LA last week, thinking it was only a sprained ankle, I flew and it was uncomfortable but when I got here my host, Dr. Steven Bellamy examined me and pronounced that I was with a broken foot bone. So the schedule of personal appearances has been changed. People are coming here to their 400 hundred year old hi tech house and drumming with me.

Side story about Shisato and her songs for this routine: “Start me up” is of course the Rolling Stones. Steven her husband called Mick Jagger.They are old friends. And got to use it for free. This is just after Microsoft paid 25 million US to use it for the debut of thier thier new operating system.  Rock on.

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