Drumming in Nagoya, Japan!

I am having an incredibly wonderful time in Nagoya, Japan. We have been drumming and streaming live on Justin.tv/buddyhelm drumming, also on skype, and we also were picked up by Japanese National TV. I have drummed with the sweetest people. Dr. STeven BEllamy and his wife Chisato are consumate hosts and have arranged an astounding array of places for me to drum with people here. We are focusing on the healing and the mediation drumming. I brought two of my special Djembes from Ghana and we are accumulating drums here. This will be a recuring tour every few months and I love it.

Here is a small piece of the test broadcast

We are sharing the groove in a very healing, spiritual way and are not hindered by language or culture. The groove carries our love around the whole universe!

I am so lucky.

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