January 2019
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“I have anger issues” he said quietly

excerpt: “History of the Groove, drummer’s story” Russell Buddy Helm ©2013 all rights reserved

“I have anger issues.” He said quietly.

2013. We were drumming, facing each other in a small alcove overlooking a pleasant canyon backyard garden. He seemed to be a normal looking middle aged Anglo man. He had checked himself into this […]

“I don’t have any rhythm” is an inaccurate self description

“I don’t have any rhythm” is an inaccurate self description

excerpt; “History of the Groove, drummer’s tale” Russell Buddy Helm ©2013 all rights reserved

“I don’t have any rhythm” is an inaccurate self description; what is really happening is that our sense of rhythm has been dislocated. It is there but it is in a […]

Orgone Drumming; the future of the Groove

Orgone Drumming; the future of the Groove.

excerpt: “History of the Groove, Drummer’s Tale”

Russell Buddy Helm © 21013 all rights reserved

We don’t have words to describe the actual effects that meditation drumming has on the human system, yet. But we must also take into consideration the effects on the surrounding environment. The drumming […]

New recovery love songs

My Mistake

This a spur of the moment recording and posting. It all happened within one hour of time spent at the computer with my guitar and bongos. I decided to go with creative flow in the moment as totally as I could participate without critical judgements interrupting the flow of the muse. As a […]

Full Moon dolphin drumming sailboat cruise

Hello Everyone, We are going out this Sunday July 23 on a full  moon sailboat cruise with drumming for the dolphins on St. Pete beach. We are gathering at Dolphin Landings behind Dolphin Plaza (Southern end of St. Pete Beach just north of Don Cezar on the inland waterway side) around 6 pm and will […]

Drumming Affirmations vol. 1, newest CD

This is the newest CD. I really like the way this healing drumming is evolving. I can’t resist putting music along with the grooves. So I’m just having fun recording all these tracks. It seems to be growing into a new kind of music. Affirmations with grooves seems like a natural thing. I can just […]


About the Blues

Once you’ve played the blues – once you have learned what the blues is and learned to play the blues then you can never leave it. It is a fundamental language of the human spirit and must be heard. It is therapeutic and releasing of so many toxins both spiritual and physical. I tried to […]

Holiday drumming thoughts

So you want to use the drum for healing?

 Russell Buddy Helm

Santa Monica

There are things to take into consideration before unleashing the power of the drum. Firstly; is the space safe? The drum will give the feeling that the space is safe, but make sure that it is. Also, […]

Getting pulled by someone else’s rhythm

Getting pulled by someone else’s rhythm

We are so sensitive to other people’s rhythms that often times we are “pulled” into their vortex of dysfunctional energy just by the sheer weight of their dominating rhythm. Their dysfunctional groove takes us over. This can be detrimental to our own sense of well-being and we don’t even […]