January 2019
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“I have anger issues” he said quietly

excerpt: “History of the Groove, drummer’s story” Russell Buddy Helm ©2013 all rights reserved

“I have anger issues.” He said quietly.

2013. We were drumming, facing each other in a small alcove overlooking a pleasant canyon backyard garden. He seemed to be a normal looking middle aged Anglo man. He had checked himself into this […]

Healing Drum Temple


Here is a link to the healing drum temple drumming affirmations

Drumming as a psychic tool

I have witnessed enough of theses paranormal events associated with drumming to take the idea seriously. I have incorporated the idea of drumming as a psychic tool into the healing modalities of the HelmTone Drum Protocols. The groove drumming at body tempos create an energy flux that contains elements of many different kinds of vibrational […]

No ‘ear’ for rhythm?

Hello Buddy,

“Do you think that rhythm can be taught to someone with virtually no ‘ear’ for it? I come from a musical family so I just got lucky that way, and can help if that’s what it takes, but while i can teach salsa steps all day, I don’t know how to teach such […]

Releasing the Old Year

A partial explanation of the Helmtone Healing drum Protocols Watch live video from Buddy Helm Drumming on Justin.tv


Universe has removed limiting entities from this consciousness

This is after an insight that we might be carrying entities in our consciousness that limit our capabilities.

I Love Myself

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Essays and Insights for Helmtone Healing Drum Protocols

Helmtone Drum Protocols 2009

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Rhythmic Dysfunction

The concept of Rhythmic Dysfunction has been conceived in the recent years by the […]

Buddy Helm at Gaea, Kansas 08, Spiritual Drum workshop

Welcome to the new blog.

Here is a section from the Kansas event on Memorial day.