Drumming as a psychic tool

I have witnessed enough of theses paranormal events associated with drumming to take the idea seriously. I have incorporated the idea of drumming as a psychic tool into the healing modalities of the HelmTone Drum Protocols. The groove drumming at body tempos create an energy flux that contains elements of many different kinds of vibrational vectors. Some of the vectors are psychic. We can ride them with the correct grooves. Its been done for hundreds of thousands of years by “indigenous drummers”. We are just beginning to learn about this powerful tool for creating reality. I was honored to be a guest at Stanford Research Institute in nineteen seventy five and witnessed what has become the greatest psychic research project conducted by our government. We are now dealing with these latent apps in our psyche. Whether we want to or not. I have seen people’s psychology opening up to psychic data flow without their understanding of what is going on. It can drive a sane person mad. Drumming calms down this flow into a manageable bit torrent and we feel safe inside our groove cocoon- provided we perform the right hand sequencing which triggers brain hemispheric balancing. As a result of manageable drumming, we get into a space where the conventional laws of rationality no longer exist. We are in the Naqual as Don Carlos called it. It is the other space outside of our logical mind. It is the realm of the drum and rhythm. Here in the suspension of old school psychodynamics we can conjure what is needed. I suppose that if it is a selfless conjuring, then it works better. Drumming on what we personally desire works. I know this to be true. But there seems to be a twist to the granting of the wish many times. Sometimes I have witnessed manifesting so close to the original intent that I am completely convinced that we are on a new level of reality where the Universe is working with us and fulfilling our desires. Then at other times, its feels like the universe has forsaken my intentions and left me to drum with lower vibrations usually based on my personality equilibrium at that moment. It is never predictable. I have had energy workers bring in clients and we have drummed on issues that have been fixed. Three drummers is good for this work. Two therapist drummers and one client. Psychic traveling is quite doable with drumming. It is an ancient form of pathfinding. In our modern context, it is our browser.It can take us where we want to go. The challenge seems to be in our perception and interpretation of the outer ancient realms. We don’t have much of a vocabulary in this area. Again, indigenous tribal drummers have a rich language describing these psychic terrains. We have a great opportunity to diagram and define in our language what happens when we slip into the Void using a groove.

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