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Orgone Drumming; the future of the Groove

Orgone Drumming; the future of the Groove.

excerpt: “History of the Groove, Drummer’s Tale”

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We don’t have words to describe the actual effects that meditation drumming has on the human system, yet. But we must also take into consideration the effects on the surrounding environment. The drumming […]

The Last time I saw Eric Hord

The last time I saw Eric Hord, the guitar player for the Mama’s and Papa’s, he was hitch hiking up Laurel Canyon Boulevard just above Sunset Strip. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was returning from my first national tour with Tim Buckley. I was riding back to where ever i was going to […]

Healing Drum Temple


Here is a link to the healing drum temple drumming affirmations

Drumming as a psychic tool

I have witnessed enough of theses paranormal events associated with drumming to take the idea seriously. I have incorporated the idea of drumming as a psychic tool into the healing modalities of the HelmTone Drum Protocols. The groove drumming at body tempos create an energy flux that contains elements of many different kinds of vibrational […]


Repetition is rhyhtm

Ritual is a repeated event. It is a sequence and something that orients us to the reality of the repetition of life. The fact that life goes on. Drumming is an act of repetition. It gives us a sense of the organization of the universe. It gives us a glimpse of eternity. Then we come […]

Why sacred drumming and dancing in our culture

I was playing with a Rhythm and Blues rock band in Venice, California at a bar called Brennan’s. Its still there. This was a long time ago. It was a normal night in a bar. We were playing some Allman Brothers songs and I noticed a good looking woman in her mid twenties trying to […]

Energies in drumming

We are all familiar with different energies in our lives. Drumming Meditation is a form of energy management. We are all familiar with the Trickster energy. Kokopeli. “When we think we are winning we’re just loosing again” Gordon Lightfoot said that.

But the energies that are consistent and good are always active as well, And […]

What is The Human Race?

Thoughts on why we are here.

Russell Buddy Helm


What is the Human Race? It is a race to consciousness- and it has always been going on. The drum helps. Rhythm can reintegrate pieces of our soul that are blown off of our selves resulting¬† from trauma and sickness. We […]