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Jerry Lee Lewis’ cousin/wife watched Those Five

1964. Jerry Lee Lewis’ cousin/wife watched Those Five on Stage excerpt:”History of the Groove” Russell Buddy Helm ©2014 all rights reserved

Witnessing Jerry Lee Lewis on stage was like facing a solar storm. Explosions of light splashed off of him as he pounded the devil’s beat. Golden, wavy locks tumbled from his pompadour to hover […]

Silver Fox Had Paper On Everyone

Silver Fox had Paper on Everyone. That’s why the grove stayed the grove. He preferred Banyan trees instead of Banyan Apartments. Retired police chief, friend to all and also head warlock in a coven of good witches that protected Coconut Grove. A good soul who would come support the Bethlehem Asylum whenever we played the […]

When Sly and the Family Stone played Miami, Bethlehem Asylum opened for them.

Sly was the most exciting live band I have ever seen; a mix of pumping psychedelic gospel and hot Rhythm n Blues soul revue, a holy communion of high energy grooves that changed the world. Their whole setup was sparkling, shiny; white shag carpet on the stage, white leslie organ speakers, white drums. Sly dressed […]

The First Time I Met Eric Hord

The First Time I Met Eric Hord

Mama Cass huddled on a chaise lounge with my lead singer. They had been like this for three days. Talking art? Poetry, love, life.  Singer/songwriter meets Mama Cass the great patron. It was decided. We would come to LA.  We were only sixteen years old. Our lead singer […]

The Last time I saw Eric Hord

The last time I saw Eric Hord, the guitar player for the Mama’s and Papa’s, he was hitch hiking up Laurel Canyon Boulevard just above Sunset Strip. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was returning from my first national tour with Tim Buckley. I was riding back to where ever i was going to […]

Authentic Georgia Folk Art (outsider art)

R. A. Miller was a wonderful old guy living up in Northeastern Georgia off of Old Cordellia Hiway in Rabbitville. There was a twenty foot tall concrete rabbit waving hello when you came up the hill to his house. He lived in the same “holler” is whole life. I got to know him and we […]

Chuck Berry on Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert

Chuck Berry on Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert

excerpt “Drummer’s History” Russell Buddy Helm copyright 2013 all rights reserved


1977. I had finally managed to break free of the music business by getting a job through Wolfman Jack’s art director on the TV show called Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert. It was a break from what […]

“The Last Rock n Roll Show” !Unearthed!

I received a gift from the past!

A just received a recording of an opera that I wrote with some friends back in 1977. It was on the verge of going to the stage with a big name producer but it never flew. Who knows, maybe its time is NOW! It […]

Tim Buckley’s Honeyman album Live 1973

Just in case anyone is interested. Here are mp3s of a live Tim Buckley album concert from New York City. We played at Max’s Kansas City in the 70’s The CD was originally released in about 1995. Something from the dusty ditty bins….enjoy! 01 Dolphins.mp3 02 Buzzin’ Fly.mp3 03 Get On Top.mp3 04 Devil Eyes.mp3 […]

Christian Gandhi Syndrome band in Key West Live

Here are some long lost tunes from 1971.

We were in Key West playing at the Great Escape Lounge at the Key West Airport

Key West…part #1 Key West.. Part #2 Zanzibar….part #1 Zanzibar…part #2 Woodstock(instrumental)

Kenny Dixon(Bass), Charlie Dechant(sax, flute, guitar, piano, vocals), Christian Gandhi(electric piano, Alto flute,), David Tasse(sax), Sherry?? (vocal) Buddy […]