Authentic Georgia Folk Art (outsider art)

R. A. Miller was a wonderful old guy living up in Northeastern Georgia off of Old Cordellia Hiway in Rabbitville. There was a twenty foot tall concrete rabbit waving hello when you came up the hill to his house. He lived in the same “holler” is whole life. I got to know him and we spent a a lot of afternoons just sitting and talking about life. I used to watch him cut and paint his tin art folk pieces and marvelled at his simple graceful work. He was almost blind but it didn’t stop him from being incredibly prolific. His pieces are in the House of Blues and in Galleries and museums all over the world. He is a world class artist and a very genuine human being. These are two pieces I managed to buy from him and bring back to California many years ago when I first started to do the drumming meditation workshops in Atlanta.

blow oscar

Blow Oscar: Hand Cut Roofing Tin and House Paint¬† 37″ x 12″¬† Signed by R.A. Miller. Call for price quote.


Elvis: Hand Cut Roofing Tin and House Paint “Elvis” painted on headband.

Call for price quote:





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