January 2019
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Bob Dole slept in the presidential suite before me

excerpt: “history of the Groove” Russell Buddy Helm ©2014 all rights reserved

Bob Dole was the last person to sleep in the presidential suite before me at the exclusive high rise hotel in Orlando. It was a little creepy to imagine that, so I invited everyone up to the presidential suite after I drummed at […]

Goddess of the Crossroads

excerpt: “History of the Groove” Russell Buddy Helm ©2014 all rights reserved

2005 I was having a great time. I was touring on my own; didn’t have to babysit a band. I used Chuck Berry’s philosophy. Everybody should know his songs so he doesn’t need to rehearse. He shows up at the gig and the […]

Jerry Lee Lewis’ cousin/wife watched Those Five

1964. Jerry Lee Lewis’ cousin/wife watched Those Five on Stage excerpt:”History of the Groove” Russell Buddy Helm ©2014 all rights reserved

Witnessing Jerry Lee Lewis on stage was like facing a solar storm. Explosions of light splashed off of him as he pounded the devil’s beat. Golden, wavy locks tumbled from his pompadour to hover […]

Orgone Drumming; the future of the Groove

Orgone Drumming; the future of the Groove.

excerpt: “History of the Groove, Drummer’s Tale”

Russell Buddy Helm © 21013 all rights reserved

We don’t have words to describe the actual effects that meditation drumming has on the human system, yet. But we must also take into consideration the effects on the surrounding environment. The drumming […]

Banana’s Parlor Was a Place of Many Splendered Acquaintances

Banana’s Parlor was a place of many splendered acquaintances.

by Russell Buddy Helm copyright 2013 All rights reserved.

1972. As I walked out of Frank Zappa’s rehearsal in L.A., I remembered back six months, to what Roy, the original bass player with the Mothers, had said to us in the Grove.  We were standing around […]

Silver Fox Had Paper On Everyone

Silver Fox had Paper on Everyone. That’s why the grove stayed the grove. He preferred Banyan trees instead of Banyan Apartments. Retired police chief, friend to all and also head warlock in a coven of good witches that protected Coconut Grove. A good soul who would come support the Bethlehem Asylum whenever we played the […]

When Sly and the Family Stone played Miami, Bethlehem Asylum opened for them.

Sly was the most exciting live band I have ever seen; a mix of pumping psychedelic gospel and hot Rhythm n Blues soul revue, a holy communion of high energy grooves that changed the world. Their whole setup was sparkling, shiny; white shag carpet on the stage, white leslie organ speakers, white drums. Sly dressed […]

The First Time I Met Eric Hord

The First Time I Met Eric Hord

Mama Cass huddled on a chaise lounge with my lead singer. They had been like this for three days. Talking art? Poetry, love, life.  Singer/songwriter meets Mama Cass the great patron. It was decided. We would come to LA.  We were only sixteen years old. Our lead singer […]

The Last time I saw Eric Hord

The last time I saw Eric Hord, the guitar player for the Mama’s and Papa’s, he was hitch hiking up Laurel Canyon Boulevard just above Sunset Strip. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was returning from my first national tour with Tim Buckley. I was riding back to where ever i was going to […]

Paul Tracey, Clive Alcock, South African xylophone duet

73 year old Paul Tracey shows us how to play South African Xylophone. Paul’s father invented the Kalimba, thumb piano. which is a modern version of the mbira.