November 2018
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25th annual Open House drumming marathon at Seasons in Santa Monica

part 1

Watch live video from Buddy Helm Drumming on

part 2

Watch live video from Buddy Helm Drumming on

part 3

Watch live video from Buddy Helm Drumming on


Releasing the Old Year

A partial explanation of the Helmtone Healing drum Protocols Watch live video from Buddy Helm Drumming on


“Stop Time” Drumming meditation at Seasons May 14 2010

It was a very nice group. Some new faces and a friend from Guro Dan Inosanto’s  74 Birthday Capoiera party last year,  She teaches Martial Arts at UCLA using the drumming.

The “stop time” exercise has a lot of elements that address many different conditions as well as being fun.

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Prayer for the Gulf of Mexico

I saw the heartbreaking news about the death and destruction in the Gulf of Mexico. So our new drumming group in Nagoya, Japan started by Chisato Mishima and Steven Bellamy have created a wonderful drum prayer for my home waters.


convict springs north florida

I’ll be at Convict Spring Saturday, Sept. 6, 2008 Having a drumming workshop from 5 til 7 pm price is $20 (plus camp admission fee)) Followed by the community drumming circle starting at sunset (No charge) River Rondezvos 386-294-2510

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Subterra invocation

Drumming below ground in a refurbished missile silo. Kansas concert hall

Unity Church in Lawrence, Kansas July 9, 08 ………………………………………………

Buddy Helm at Gaea, Kansas 08, Spiritual Drum workshop

Welcome to the new blog.

Here is a section from the Kansas event on Memorial day.