“Stop Time” Drumming meditation at Seasons May 14 2010

It was a very nice group. Some new faces and a friend from Guro Dan Inosanto’s  74 Birthday Capoiera party last year,  She teaches Martial Arts at UCLA using the drumming.

The “stop time” exercise has a lot of elements that address many different conditions as well as being fun.

If you would like to subscribe to a Skype conference connection, $10. Sign in here. Your Skype name will not be made public or used for any other reasons.

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If you want to purchase 10 Skype groups or private drumming meditation sessions at a discount of $75 go here:

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Cut off time will be 6pm. The night of the meditation workshop. One hour before we begin. If we get subscribers, we go to Skype. Better sound. Share the Groove!

Watch live video from Buddy Helm Drumming on Justin.tv

The following is a response to an email I received yesterday from someone who wanted to do shamanic drumming and said my name just “popped into his head”:)

I have been teaching drumming meditation for twenty years.

Helmtone Drum Protocols is a certification course for those who wish to use meditation drumming as a healing and a shamanic tool.
I tour the US and Japan. Based in Santa Monica, CA. at
Seasons, where we have been teaching drumming meditation for twenty two years every Tuesday night and Friday night 7 til 8:30 Pacific.

We also schedule private one on one drumming sessions ranging from groove research, technical, energetic, indigenous, psychological, therapuetic, shamanic, psychic, mystical, metascience
We stream on Justin.tv/Buddy Helm drumming.

Skype conference drumming meditation workshop subscriptions are available at buddyhelm.com

People study privately with me on Skype or in person with one-on-one sessions. From technical drumming to shamanic drumming, trance grooves and breathing, yogic concepts on the drum and many other elements of psychology, zen, rhythm and blues, NLP, Martial arts, magical drumming from various indigenous cultures, conjuring, manifesting and other methods.

People also study with me here in Santa Monica at the store Seasons. Its very nice.

1021-A Montana Avenue

Santa Monica, CA 90403


I tour setting up drumming meditation groups and one-on-one drum therapy sessions and Helmtone Drum Protocols certification seminars.
Thanks for your interest
Buddy Helm

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