January 2019
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Trance comment on Youtube “OM Brzee Nama Ha Buddy Helm.mov “

This is a Hindu mantra to create wealth. With a six beat pattern on djembes. 1 day ago

“My God! its like voodoo. I went into trance. Your way of chanting is going deep into my mind. Thank you.”

I consider this comment a great compliment. Positive voodoo what a concept 🙂


Prayer for the Gulf of Mexico

I saw the heartbreaking news about the death and destruction in the Gulf of Mexico. So our new drumming group in Nagoya, Japan started by Chisato Mishima and Steven Bellamy have created a wonderful drum prayer for my home waters.


Dolphin Drumming full moon sailboat St. Pete Florida

This is on You Tube. Some folks were curious. Did this for a whole year every full moon! We found the grooves that the dolphins like to dance to! Magic of the first order.


Universe has removed limiting entities from this consciousness

This is after an insight that we might be carrying entities in our consciousness that limit our capabilities.

Wedding drumming fullmoon sailboat dolphin cruise

I had a wonderful Sunday on the Gulf in St. Pete marrying Ralph and Linda, a sweet couple. They wrote their own ceremony ( I added a few things as the minister) then we drummed and the dolphins CAME around the boat! They stayed for a long time, I even heard them singing as we […]