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Helmtone Drum Protocols 2009

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Rhythmic Dysfunction

The concept of Rhythmic Dysfunction has been conceived in the recent years by the Helmtone practioners because there was no other vocabulary to describe what people were approaching me to help them with. They are sincere, intelligent, talented people with a common occurence: they are disassociated from their sense of rhythm.

When people approach a music teacher, the assumption by the teacher is that they want to learn to play music, but many times the people want to be healed by the qualities inherent in music. This is not becoming a musician, although they will no doubt become good musicians after they are healed. The music teacher must then treat the person with a different form of respect. There are no wrong notes in this process. There are clues. The Rhythmic Indicators that appear in the person are clues to the real reason that they are the way they are. Then the healing phenomenon of the groove can do its miraculous work resulting in a happy, healthy, integrated person- who can also drum very well.

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