armastice on the war inside

Declaring armastice on the war inside is what therapies are all about. But there may be a basic dichotomy that is irrefutably a paradox and cannot be resolved. The condition in our inherent make up has to do with who made us and why. If we are so called starbabies as well as hominids of earth are we then at odds about who we really are? Does the ape consciousness win out over the ET in our genes? Will there ever be peace in our souls? Drumming seems to put the beast in it’s cage for a while; meaning the intellect. The higher functions of the brain are eating us alive. Our critical mind, the survival mind, the automatic mechanisms that cause stress just because they think they are doing the right thing. The drum can calm that tenacious intellect, at least put it into neutral for awhile and we can experience the tranquility of silence within the noise and pulse that blindsides the “higher intellect” and puts it in neutral.

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