Hybrid Starbabies

We are Hybrid Starbabies and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden…It’s pretty obvious that we have not evolved to our present state all on our own; we had help. Call it what you will, the fact remains that we are a mix of animal and star being. Genetic experiment still evolving by higher consciousness beings. Maybe even a sense of responsibility on their part. They created us to mine their gold by using a local primate and mixing in their own genetic make up and voila! You’ve got a muscular ape that can take orders. Nice for a few hundred thousand years but now this hybrid is spewing waste out into the universe on a number of different dimensions¬† and they are becoming a nuisance. Gold or no gold. But the fact remains that it is a successful genetic experiment; what was created was a new species with eventually the capabilities of higher consciousness. But do the other species who created us really have a high regard for us or are they just being held responsible by some galactic federation prime directive that states you have to take responsibility for messing around with universal genetic material. Even when it grows up into a nasty attitudinal adolescent developing bad habits.

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