Australia Drumming group and orb

Thank-you to Garry Eyles for making this trip possible. He was a great organizer and a very talented musician and healing drum therapist.. I had a great time Feb. 19 on my birthday drumming in Bendigo, Australia with a group of really cool people, Kangaroos, horses, cockatoos, foxes, Alpacas, Rabbits, Beltie Cattle and lots of eucalyptus trees.

Here is an amazing picture of an orb floating in front of me in the home of our host in Bendigo. These energy orbs can only be seen on a photo. .

energy orb with Buddy Helm in Bendigo, Australia


Paula and Roy. Two of the coolest people I’ve ever met.

giving thanks with new friends at the end of a full day of drumming in Bendigo, Australia

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