“Bring it to me” Tour July 2011

Tonight I am leaving Santa Monica for a ten day tour in Florida.

The “Bring it to me” tour.

When I realized that rhythm was a healing tool and a tool to expand consciousness in almost anyone, I decided to go on tour to test my theories in the “real” world. i.e. outside of L.A. But the reality is that the concepts came togetherĀ  on the road just as much as at Seasons in Santa Monica over the last twenty years. The HelmTone protocols evolved out of these tours and the home based workshops and individual sessions. Everyone has contributed insight into how the rhythms create wellness, integration, manifesting, wisdom, power, balance and joy and happiness.

So this tour I am honored to perform at the Unity Church in St. Petersburg, Florida. Rev. Hayes and Jeff Snyder musical dir. have fit me in once again into the busy schedule. We will drum Friday night at the Rhythm Rally which is a hoot. It’s a bargain too. Donations. We have a small fire outside under a canopy. A good sound system and complete permission to take the audience anywhere in the universe we want to go. The drumming is groove personified and the inspiration is exhalted. I can’tĀ  say enough about theses groups. They are so fine.

Saturday I will be at the Longhouse in Gulfport at 3pm. These groups have been going on for several years and are high quality trances. This is also a Buddhist center and body /energy working center.

Sunday I will do the Church services in the morning then a 3 oclcok healing drum circle in the church. I am looking forward to this because this is the first time we are doing the healing “Circle of Souls” in the Church itself. This is a profound healing event!

Then Wednesday I will be at the Center for wellness in Orlando( the Co-op). Emily and Michael are doing great community work and supporting a large group of healers and doers in their town. They have hosted me for many years.

Then I will be in Boynton Beach on Thursday night at the Crystal Garden, I like this place. Very intimate and spiritual. Nice group of people and open to the energy flows.

Friday night we are kicking out the jams in Lake Worth at Greg’s house starting at about 7 or so. That is also a a donation of $10. This is my favorite group. Totally on the groove drummers and dancers galore. These people have a drumming community that is connected, cooperative and swinging. They appreciate what I am offering.

Saturday night I am at the Goddess Store in Hollywood, Florida This a new venue set up by Mark Richards in Miami. I have heard about this place. There is plenty of room for dancing!!!

Sunday afternoon we are doing a trance meditation groove workshop at 3 at Mark Richard’s house in Coral Gables. These remind me of the old days in Coconut Grove- circa: 1969. Tropical, sensual, loving and fun.

Then I drive back up to Tampa. Drop the drums off at the Longhouse, (in case you want to buy one)

Then I fly back to L.A. on Monday night.

Then Tuesday night we are back on schedule at Seasons drumming on Tuesday and Friday at 7 and Sunday and 3.

We are opening a new drumming venue in Santa Monica that can handle more people. The Wellness Living Store on Fourteenth St.

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