Copyright infringement

I was monetizing the past drumming meditation workshops. My reluctant concession to keep us going. I received a Copyright Infringement Notice from YouTube declaring that some evil drum machine darkness worshipping CD had the same music as our youtube drumming meditation workshop video on Valentine’s day and they were insisting that we share performance royalties that would come to about .00007 cents.( to be paid out when minimum of 100 dollars is reached.) I checked and there is nothing. Maybe only a faint warm up tapping on a dun dun bass drum that might possibly be misconstrued by the Copyright Bot as the aggressive thumping satanic bass pattern at 140 beats a minute that doesn’t change for 7 minutes. Did the copyright “Bot” get confused by the beats? Or are there nefarious forces sharing Mechanical Performance Royalties with the devil? Our channel(Russell Buddy Helm) has over two hundred very positive and uplifting drumming meditation workshops. Youtube has dismissed the copyright claim.

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