It was so hard to get away from the ‘Jivosity’ of the music business that when I stopped being “a drummer” in L.A. A singer/songwriter who’s claim to fame was that Phil Everly had given him a beautiful Gibson acoustical guitar. He had been a star in Detroit. He decided to write a detective novel and his main character was called “Buddy Helm”.
“You can’t use my name for a character in your book!” I screamed at him.
“He’s a drummer! And he’s a private detective. It’s too good of a name not be used by a drummer. You’re not using it!”
I suppose “King of the Shadows” sold well enough for Scott to move to Lawrence, Kansas and hang out with Bill Burroughs for a few years. He did bloat up from his blond rock star looks into a huge butterball of a cocaine survivor. So I guess he got his just desserts.
He was right though. It’s too good of a name not to be used by a drummer.

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