Interdimensional interface drumming

This is getting esoteric because there are a lot of effects the drum generates that we do not have words for. If we were discussing drumming phenomenon in the Rainforest of the Amazon Basin, the curandera would be talking like it was as obvious as taking a bus down 57th street; “You do this and you get there.”
Drumming and rhythm is the keynote language of the universe. Know how to speak it and the universe sits up and barks like a trained dog…Just kidding. Provided the Powers That Be decide to make it so. There is always an override and often mephestofelian dividend. But the facts, the observable events point toward the conclusion that drumming creates vortex and even Toroids or donuts of power that revolve and recycle energy and do things. The drum head itself is an interdimensional membrane. The physical force of the hand hitting the goat skin head transforms the energy from one reality to another. From force into Grace. From physically silent muscle movement into sound that resonates the body and mind generating unique energy fields. Opening portals. The energy comes through but the drummer must maintain the safe space so that the right energy comes through. The right healing energy.

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