Joni stayed for eight hours

Cathy went out the front door of our gift shop and saw Joni walking down the street smoking a cigarette. Cathy lit up. “Please come into my shop.”

“No, I’m smoking.”

“Bless my shop with your smoke.”

So she came in and sat down with her back to the door, it’s a small shop. She sat there for the next eight hours and talked with Cathy. I maybe said two words, and went and got them more cigarettes. I witnessed two people really getting along nicely. I was so psychically clogged up at that time, that I didn’t even have a guitar in the shop. Cathy put on ‘Hissing…’ as a tribute but I could see that it was making her twitchy. How many times had she listened to that mix? I suggested Miles.

Joni came back the next day and dropped off a poster of her original artwork album cover for Cathy. I helped carry her gifts from Cathy to her car. They might as well be sisters.

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